Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Al Farabi Band | Searching the Truth | CD Baby

Al Farabi Band | Searching the Truth | CD Baby

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Other new songs will upload soon

Monday, July 18, 2011

Seruan, Sunnatullah & Searching The Truth

Proudly to announce that, 3 of 8 new songs by Al Farabi Band in my hand NOW. This 3 songs was completed mastered in King Studio KL and yet to be send for production.

Fill up your detail in AFB HEROES Club Member and be the 1st to get it. You also can click to like us for following hourly new update.

Please be informed dont missed any second. The New Edge Progressive Rock song by AL FARABI BAND soon will be launch.

AYUHHH!!!! Allah Membantu

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Al Farabi Band @ Uptown Shah Alam with TV3


Urusan membawakan Al Farabi Band ke pentas uptown Shah Alam buat kali pertamanya bersama pengurusan uptown Shah Alam & TV3 sedang diuruskan. tempahan tarikh, masa & pentas telah dipersetujui. Hanya ada beberapa urusan lain seperti backline dan apa-apa birokrasi sedang dalam proses memudahcara.

Al farabi Band akan berada di pentas Uptown Shah Alam seperti berikut:

Tarikh : 23 Julai 2011
Masa  : 10 malam
Tempat : Pentas UPTOWN SHAH ALAM

Jom ramaikan uptown Shah Alam pada tarikh tersebut. dan anda berpeluang untuk masuk dalam siri rakaman TV3.

Al Farabi Band dijangkakan akan membuat persembahan akustik.

Jom kita berjuang di uptown Shah Alam & TV3.

Exclusive guest & worriors


Become AFB HEROES by fill in online registration form. Click Heroes Club Members icon above.

YOU will selected as our EXCLUSIVE guest in Al Farabi Band Media preview on September 2011.

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AL FARABI BAND proudly to announce that our next NEW SONGS will release soon. We just completed mixing process and yet to be mastering process.

In the coming album, we love to tell you that the album contain 5 NEW SONGS and 3 FAVORITE songs which come with new arrangement.

As the Ramadhan's come just around the corner, 2 NEW songs will come to you by all new edge media and as a singles copy.

To whom wanted to BE THE FIRST to heard AL FARABI BAND new songs, have to do this:

Click icon join this site (in right column)

ANDA mungkin akan terpilih menjadi salah seorang tetamu EXCLUSIVE kami dalam siri jelajah AL FARABI BAND di tempat terpilih.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Al farabi Band @ TV Al Hijrah

Show akustik @ Masjid AL Hidayah Taman Melawati

Seruan Akustik
Searching The Truth Akustik

Sunnah Berjuang Akustik
Amanat Akustik
Evolusi Akustik

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